Do you have the courage
to earn $100,000 or more a year as a healer?

FINALLY – training designed SPECIFICALLY for healers who want the vision, strategies, energy alignment, and confidence to share their healing gifts with the world AND enjoy 6-Figure sales results.


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Imagine –
In just three days

you’ll be confident and clear in your great mission and vision as a healer that you will be unstoppable in sharing your services to your ideal clients!

From Dan Hanneman, The BlockBuster:

It’s about time for this training, isn’t it? I once held the phone in my hand, shaking when it came to selling my healing services. The first time I heard a, “Yes,” to my services, I was speechless. As I regained the confidence to speak, I realized the mistakes I made that kept me from building my healing business.

More on those mistakes, as you keep reading, but right now…

I have some important questions for you. Think carefully as you answer…

Do you ever feel like others build their healing businesses effortlessly that you wonder if it is even possible for you to build your business to 6-figures?
Do you shy away from offering your healing services to others?
Can you remember a time when you over delivered or under charged for your services?
Do you want to claim the value of what you offer because you know you are worth more?
Have you ever wondered who you serve as a healer?
Ever wish someone would tell you what to do next in your healing business, making it easy for you to experience more excitement, freedom, and money?
If you answered, “YES,” to any of these questions, you are in the right place. I helped myself and others overcome each of these challenges to gain unshakable confidence and earn six figures.

Keep reading. I’ll help you take the next step forward in your healing business, starting with the mistakes to avoid at all costs:

Mistake #1 Ignoring Your Intuition

Think about a time when you got an intuitive hit about something or someone and ignored it. What were the costs? It’s always such a risk to ignore your intuition. It is your built-in guidance that helps you know exactly what to do at all times, including what to do in your healing business. You can take a gamble and refuse to listen, or you can use it to work in your favor for success as a healer. However that’s not as bad as…

Mistake #2 Isolating Yourself From A Group of Peers Who Are Healers

As healers, we want to serve the world with our intuitive and healing gifts, but are scared to tell others about it. I used to be invisible, literally hiding my intuitive gifts during counseling sessions because I was told NOT to use my intuition. I hid my gifts away for years.

I connected with a group of healers and felt myself open up.

I felt more natural and revealed my intuitive abilities. They started asking me for help. I felt confident to start my own healing business, using my unique way of helping others.

I couldn’t have done that alone. In fact, when I isolated myself, I drove myself nearly mad with worry and anxiety before building a community of healers where I could be myself. Then, and only then, I no longer worried about what others thought about my intuitive and healing abilities.

BUT… problem is, not many healers feel confident to share their gifts with others, and take class after online class to learn, but never start their healing business.

The healers I helped were once in your shoes. Some of them didn’t realize they were a healer, but had full-time or part-time jobs doing unfulfilling work.

You see, believing in yourself and your vision as a healer is vital, but most of the advice and strategy given out by others is too technical and hard to wrap your head around. They use techniques that cover part of what to do and don’t even give you the ability to see yourself as a healer or have the opportunity to be around other healers.

Most healers are still in hiding because they don’t have a safe, welcoming community that understands and embraces them as a healer. I have created that empowering community. When healers came to the Invincible 6-Figure Healer Weekend, they saw they could do it. They took a stand for themselves to be a healer AND make money doing what they love.

Are You Ready To Take A Stand And Be An Invincible Healer?

The Invincible 6-Figure Healer Weekend is the place to open you to your super powers, vision, and shift your confidence into true prosperity, using your gifts and abilities.

The Invincible 6-Figure Healer Weekend is not a “listen only” type of conference or seminar. You won’t have to sit in your seat all day at this event. It’s a deep, powerful experience that connects you with committed healers, fun exercises to open your intuitive guidance, proven business building techniques, and lasting transformation.

I’ve walked the path you’re on now. I went from nothing to 6-figures. I’ve figured out how to be an unstoppable force, confident to take people into the $5,000 – 10,000 per month level in their healing businesses. I want to train you to do the same.

From Welfare to $10,000 After Attending the Live Event:

Pay close attention… here’s what you’re going to discover at
The Invincible 6-Figure Healer Weekend:

The REAL reason why you buy program after program to learn healing only to jump to the next one in no time (If you’ve ever taken more than one healing training, there is a good chance you are making this mistake… and it’s CRUCIAL that you learn what it is and how to fix it)
What to do when you find yourself confused around what or who you are meant to serve in the world (Here’s the easy-to-access way to be totally confident in what you do and take a stand WITHOUT retreating into your old patterns)
How to receive guidance from spirits, guides, angels, and more to take your vibration and healing to an entire new level that compels you to take action on what information you receive
A costly mistake even confident, experienced healers make that they THINK will attract their ideal client… but actually repels them because it makes you look desperate
How to discover and claim your Invincible 6-Figure Healer Vision to take your healing business to a higher level each time you do it
A proven step-by-step secret to get you OUT of the “guessing game” and into the mindset to create your Invincible 6-Figure Healing business
Channeled Prayer “Light Seats,” my secret formula for instantly uncovering the reason why you are struggling in any area of your healing business to transform and shift you into success
The single most powerful way to align with your high-end clients to achieve your desires and goals in your 1-to-1 services
A behind-the-scenes look at what REALLY goes into scheduling your Free Energy Scans and my secret of scheduling that only a few know it… but when you use my technique, you can achieve $1,000, $5,000, and even $10,000 or more each month
An amazing clearing around your money blocks and poverty conscious thoughts that plague your subconscious mind that will make miracles happen for you around money
The one simple, yet often overlooked, way to deepen your clarity around your mission, message, and tribe you are meant to serve as a healer. You MUST know this because it is really so simple that I bang my head against the wall when I hear healers say they don’t know who they are meant to serve… it is right in front of your eyes and I want to help you see it.
Network and build community with other healers who understand and see you in your fullness. You will naturally be supported through all of the amazing energy, ideas, resources, and contacts available to you during this transformational weekend!!
And that’s only part of what you’ll experience at the live event.

Beverly Stickley’s Testimonial:

Can You Imagine Feeling More Confident In Yourself, How That Would Change Your Life?

If you want to feel FULLY CONFIDENT, know exactly who you are, and who you are meant to serve, The Invincible 6-Figure Healer Weekend is right for you.

If you want to have an invincible money mindset and the courage to build your healing business to $100,000 or more, to secure your position as a healer, even if you are not sure you are a healer yet, then attend this live event.

If you’d like to clear your subconscious and limiting challenges around money, and have a proven strategy to claim your higher level clients, value your work and yourself, then you’ll join us at the live event, network with other successful healers, and discover the game-changing mindset secrets that will help you do just that.

On the other hand, if you already feel clear in your mission, have the mindset, and know who you are meant to serve as a healer, then you don’t need to come. Just keep in mind that while the healing community is gathering for this event, you’ll be wondering what we are up to as we are claiming our Invincible 6-Figure Healing Vision.

In fact, I read recently that in Japan they create a vision for their businesses that covers 100 years of service to their ideal clients. That means they are committed to success. And if you don’t even know what you are doing in your business 1 month, 6 months, to a year from now, your mindset is NOT focused on success for yourself.

So you NEED to value yourself and the work you do, unless you want to let life take you where it wants you to go and wind up with mediocre results, rather than the fulfilling healing work and money you want.

Look, I can’t promise you’ll convert every potential client during your Energy Scans… but the Invincible 6-Figure Healer Weekend is unique in the market and will definitely give you the major support and vision you need to be an invincible healer… and give you the best way to build your healing business.

Here’s some more of what you’ll get from The Invincible 6-Figure Healer Weekend:
How to completely avoid the mistakes from helping others that most healers struggle to get past… so you can bypass the whole unnecessary process of “the wait and see if they buy my healing services” and thrive in your healing business with love and connection to your ideal clients
The one technique to embody true prosperity and all the money you are worthy to enjoy as a healer
Unshakable confidence to bring greater love, truth, and transformation for all into your healing business

This is the live event you’ve been waiting for…

the community and ways to take a stand and trust your vision as a healer while learning how to take your healing business to the next level in sales.

Ok, at this point, you probably want to know “how much is it to attend?”

Before I tell you, let me ask… how much is all of the mind-blowing experiences worth to you? What would it mean to you, in monetary terms, to be able to confidently heart to show up fully as a healer? To know your mission in the world? To know who your ideal clients are? To know your exact next steps in your healing business?

This live event could help you increase your income by thousands of dollars while potentially saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars spinning your wheels with the latest marketing scheme or training.

Doing work you enjoy doing is priceless.

Believing in yourself and valuing your gifts doesn’t come with a price tag. Following a proven path to earning 6-figures sets you up for success.

You have to take the next step.

The Invincible 6-Figure Healer Weekend General Admission Ticket Regular Price is $2000

Only 40 people are able to attend the event due to space so your seat is available on a first come, first serve basis. 


Remember, you save $2000 on this event when you purchase the
Energy Scan Training Home Study Program!


You’ll also receive this great bonus:


Saturday Night Celebration – Recognition of new and soon to be certified healers – includes celebration, dancing, light snacks, and lots of fun!!!

Remember, you save $2000 on this event when you purchase the
Energy Scan Training Home Study Program!


Claim Your Seat NOW!

Douglas Purcell’s Testimonial:

Here’s what Invincible 6-Figure Healer Weekend Attendees have to say about their experiences from the live event…

Daniel’s Invincible 6-Figure Healer Weekend was a very powerful, transformative weekend! I am confident in myself being a powerful healer from Daniel and Deb’s help throughout the weekend and especially from releasing limiting beliefs during the light transmission session. I have an action plan to use for my successful healing business that includes being more visible! I now stand in my power and get out there to share my healing work! Thank you, Daniel and Deb for your amazing love and support. Ranjini Woodhouse

The Invincible 6-Figure Healer Weekend helped me have more clarity and direction, confidence and connection with others! I felt an amazing transformation and enjoyed seeing the Channeled Tribe Group Work the most where I was able to see the transformation of others as well as my own. I learned to do more Energy Scanning and take action! I know feel I have the power inside of me to take off in my healing business and earn 6-figures. Ulanda Kay-Coleman

The Invincible 6-Figure Healer Weekend gave me the clarity, confidence, and support on my path to create what I want in my healing business! My transformation from the weekend is that I now claim my power as a spiritual entrepreneur. I can bring my loving presence into what I do as a healer as I build my healing business along my journey. Stephanie Burrough

The information I learned at the Invincible 6-Figure Healer Weekend gave me action steps I can immediately use in my healing business. One of the most powerful was overcoming objections. Grace Diecidue

I gained connections with some amazing friends at the Invincible 6-Figure Healer Weekend! I feel I have a greater sense of self-worth AND a clearer vision of my work. I trust myself more and have motivation to be a bigger force in the world with my healing work. Mary Crawford

I felt a deep connection with the Prayer Work, healing and seeing everyone at the live event. I allowed myself to feel supported and seen as a healer. Lisa Berman

The Invincible 6-Figure Healer Weekend gave me an intuitive plan that I can act on! Being around the community of healers helped me see I was not alone in being a healer and owning my intuitive gifts. I felt wrapped up in the energy and seeing Dan do the light-seats with other healers helped me realize that his 6-figure plan is a no BS, honest practice I want to use for my healing business. Right now, I feel more confident in using my gifts now. Serena Straker

During the weekend, I planned my schedule, putting me first! I made HUGE GOALS instead of playing small. The weekend helped me see I am deserving and worthy to do things for me and my healing business. I felt my resistance melt away. I created boundaries to stop letting others take me off my course. Susan Holtham

The Invincible 6-Figure Healer Weekend helped me affirm and gain clarity on my gifts! Being in a community of healers helped me step up and step out as a healer. I felt a shift in myself and claimed what I want. I felt supported to finally be a healer and not hold myself back any longer. I started listening and tuning in to plan my day with more conscious action to support myself and others as a healer. Nicole Isler

The Invincible 6-Figure Healer Weekend helped me feel empowered! I felt I claimed myself as an Invincible healer! I gained so much insight from the Light Seats to use in my business. What made the event very special and endearing to me was that I recognize my unique gifts that people are waiting for me to bring to them! I see how to offer these gifts to them and feel on motivated to do it. Invincible 6-Figure Healer Weekend Attendee

You can spend days, months, or years in confusion around what you are meant to be doing and who you are meant to serve in the world…

Where will that take you? Will you get stuck in a dead end job you don’t enjoy… or face block after block in your finances?

Or you can take action now, be around a community of supportive healers live and in person AND gain the confidence you need to build your healing business.

Here’s what to do next.  Click the button below to…

Love and Blessings,

Dan Hanneman
“The BlockBuster”

Take a stand for yourself as a healer.

Remember, you save $2000 on this event when you purchase the
Energy Scan Training Home Study Program!

Claim Your Seat NOW!
P.S: We have comfortable accommodations arranged with a hotel near the O’Hare airport.
P.P.S: The 6-Figure Healer Weekend gives you exactly what you need open you to your super powers and vision to shift your confidence into being an invincible healer. Be around a community of healers that see you in your fullness and help you claim yourself as a healer. Space is limited and after 40 people register, we have to shut the doors to registration for this event. Don’t miss out! Claim your seat now and take a stand for yourself to be an INVINCIBLE HEALER!!